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  About us

Our goal is simple. To create a world where our age does not define us. Shattering age related barriers and ageist stereotypes. Creating an age inclusive future.

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    Our Vision

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What do we do?

We bring together some of the best creative minds in Britain to help organisations realise the social and economic value of all-age thinking.

— We help organisations build an intergenerational workforce, where people of all ages, and all stages of their careers, can thrive in an inspiring age-inclusive environment.

—  We help organisations find the right words and narrative with which to communicate with their customer base: where 25 year-olds and 65 year-olds have more in common than ever before.

—  We help organisations avoid age-related stereotyping in the design of new products and services, so that they have the greatest appeal to the broadest reach of customer possible.

—  We help organisations to think about the people and communities that they serve as more than a linear sequence of outdated age-specific groups of people. The linear life model is shattered, the retirement line has blurred, and people resent being treated like a number in an age-band bucket.

Get in touch here and learn how ageless thinking can transform your organisation or business or community.

In this turbulent time of deeply embedded divides and entrenched stereotypes, we are bringing together the collective wisdom and constructive participation of everyone — of all ages, all cultures, all business sectors, and across all geographies — to redesign a new society that works for all generations. 

As Patti Moore, the mother of Universal Design said so eloquently, "when we insist on categorising people as either young or old...we create falsely conflicting camps for attention and action." 

Let's all work together and create a world which works for us all.

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Top film – Co-Founder, Jonathan Collie
Bottom film – Co-Founder, George Lee

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    The Team

The Age of No Retirement was founded by Jonathan and George in 2014. Around them they have built an interdisciplinary team of designers, researchers and advisors from every walk of life and of every age. We are continuing to build our team and always looking for new people to get involved. 

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute to our movement. 

    George Lee, co-founder 

In 2016, George was voted as one of the world's 50 Creative Leaders by the world's leading creative and innovation magazine, Creative Review. George started out as an organisational psychologist however soon realised that radical change could be achieved more effectively and more successfully using the power of design and radical creative thinking. In 2002 she founded her design company, This is Real Art. In its 12-year lifespan it became one of the most disruptive and celebrated design studios in the world, working with the likes of Channel 4, Sony, Virgin, MTV and Coca-Cola.

In 2012 she launched Commonland, a studio dedicated to using design-thinking to tackle big social issues. It was through Commonland that she met Dr. Jonathan Collie and the co-journey to tackle ageism and create a more united age neutral world began.

George lives in London with her daughter Iris and a rather exuberant hound called Ivy.

    Jonathan Collie, co-founder 

Jonathan is a passionate, driven social entrepreneur. The greater the challenge, the greater the inspiration. Jonathan began his career as a doctor in the NHS before moving into health IT via an MBA at University of Edinburgh.

In 2011, Jonathan entered and won a national challenge, run by the Design Council and funded by the Department of Health. It was here that he was first introduced to design-led thinking and came to appreciate that every problem, no matter how large or complex, could be solved by design and innovation.

In 2014, Jonathan launched Trading Times – the online service that connects people over 50 with local employers for flexible, paid work. As a direct result of insights gained through the prototyping, piloting, developing and launching of Trading Times, Jonathan became committed to changing the narrative of Age, from one of dependence and decline, to one of exploration and optimism.

Jonathan was born in London and grew up in South Africa. He lives in London with his wife Robinne, daughter Ruby, and son Tyler.

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    Joe Pochodzaj 

Joe Pochodzaj is a graphic designer, researcher and lecturer on the MA Visual Communication program at the Royal College of Art. With much of his work focusing on social and political issues - his research focuses on the potential role for communication in actively engaging the public in the challenges and issues of our time. 

Having worked for a range of clients including The British Council, The University of Birmingham School of Education, The Architectural Association and Commonland Joe has been involved with The Age of No Retirement from the beginning with a focus on communication strategy, collaborative research and design. 

Joe was born in Northampton and remains one of its biggest advocates. 

    Stella Malfilatre

A recent graduate of the MA Visual Communication program at the RCA, Stella is now our chief storyteller. Working on gathering inspirational, human-centred stories and research – Stella is currently travelling the UK to find examples of how intergenerational understanding can and does transform lives.

    Deborah Gale

Deb Gale is an American-Brit, She is an Apple Computer and Silicon Valley veteran, journalist, gerontologist researcher and mother of five daughters born within five years of each other during five transatlantic moves. She returned to academia in 2009 and did post grad in ageing and public policy so her primary focus is on optimising the "new longevity" in the 21st century. Ageing has untapped worth and that multi-generational work forces work better is mission critical to business success across sectors. Deb is a research fellow for the BioCentre on Ethics, a regular contributor to the Huffington Post on age related subjects, an affiliate director for the  Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship as well as an advisor to the Opportunity Group on the role of older women in the 21st C workplace. Deb is TAONR's Intergen Design Leader.

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    The Age of No Retirement Advisory Board

    Norman Lewis

Dr Norman Lewis is recognised worldwide as an expert on future trends and user behaviours with regard to technology innovation and adoption. He has spoken on these topics at events all over the world. Norman is currently a Director at PwC responsible for running their crowd sourced innovation programme. He is a co-author of Big Potatoes: the London manifesto for innovation. Prior to joining PwC he was Chief Innovation Officer and Partner at Open-Knowledge – a global consultancy on enterprise social software. He was the Chief Strategy Officer of Wireless Grids Corporation, USA and prior to that, the Director of Technology Research for Orange UK, formerly the Home Division of France Telecom. He has been an Executive Board member of the MIT Communications Futures Programme and a former chairman of the ITU TELECOM Forum Programme Committee. He is currently a Governor at the pioneering East London Science School in Bow, East London.

Twitter: @Norm_lew

    Sarah Maughan

Sarah is Director of Research at AlphaPlus – a specialist educational consultancy. She is expert in research, assessment and evidence-based policy making in education. Her experience spans early years, schools, FE and adult education. Prior to joining AlphaPlus Sarah worked at the National Foundation for Educational Research where she was Director of Research, managing a team of 75 research and assessment professionals. More widely, Sarah is expert in a range of research techniques including evaluations, literature reviews and randomised control trials. She has worked extensively with education organisations and Ministries of Education in the UK and internationally and frequently speaks publicly on education issues. Sarah has a 1st Class degree in Psychology, a Masters in Educational Assessment, and is a Fellow of the Association of Educational Assessment – Europe. She is also Honorary Professor in the School of Education, University of Durham. Sarah has an exceptional profile and reputation among key players in the UK and international education sectors.  

Meet our advisory board who will help ensure that The Age of No Retirement remains true to its mission of creating a world where age does not matter. As we grow and develop, our Advisory Board of brilliant people — people with experience, wisdom, insight, vision and dynamism — will help guide us on all the big challenges and opportunities ahead.

    Rama Gheerawo

Rama Gheerawo is Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design and the RCA Reader in Inclusive Design. With nearly two decades in the design industry, his interest is in people-centred and socially inclusive design. He leads the Centre's Age & Ability research lab which creates design that improves the lives of people of all ages and abilities. He is in demand as a keynote speaker internationally and writes, curates exhibitions and runs workshops for audiences that range from students to business executives to civil servants. Knowledge transfer to business is central to his work, building on a track record of over 150 collaborative projects with the Centre involving organisations such as Gov.UK, Samsung and Toyota. Rama has published widely in both academic and trade press including Volume magazine, New Design and the Journal of Design Philosophy Papers. He has guest edited a number of journals, appeared on juries and advisory boards representing design, and is a member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Peer Review College. He is a Fellow of both the Royal College of Art and the Royal Society of Arts.

    Ed Mayo

Ed Mayo is Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, the national business association for co-operative and mutual enterprises. He has a track record of innovation and impact in his work to bring together economic life and social justice. Ed is Chair of the participation charity Involve and Vice-President of Co-operatives Europe. He is editor of ‘The Co-operative Advantage’, published in 2015. Ed rose to prominence as Director of the New Economics Foundation. He chaired the Jubilee 2000 campaign and was part of the team that founded the Fairtrade Mark. From 2003 to 2009, Ed was Chief Executive of the National Consumer Council.

    Elaine Draper

Elaine Draper​ is the ​Director​ of ​​​Accessibility & Inclusion ​at ​Barclays UK​. ​For the past 15 years Elaine has specialised in the transformation of operational services leading both internal programmes and also working with external partners to establish joint ventures in the UK and in India. Since the beginning of 2012 Elaine has been responsible for the transformation of customer services and processes to achieve Barclays’ ambition to become the UK’s most Accessible & Inclusive Bank with particular focus on​ d​developing new services and support for elderly customer​s and ​establishing and developing external partnerships to promote and progress the Accessibility & Inclusion agenda more broadly​. ​Elaine is also a Non-Executive Director of Cornerstone Mutual Services, the Credit Union Services company which is charged with delivery of the UK Government funded Credit Union Expansion Project.  

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